Get cash back in crypto when you shop. Create a community of Sharers!

We are happy to announce that, starting from October 2019, in addition to being listed on LATOKEN



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Why Coinshare is Different

Collect from anywhere. Coinshare is not limited to one company. You can collect tokens and cash back while shopping anywhere – buying groceries, clothes or dinner. Every shop, big or small, can join Coinshare.

Save and spend anywhere you like. No more clumsy blenders. With Coinshare, you can collect tokens in multiple shops and spend the cash back anywhere you want. With Coinshare, you are in charge.

Earn more than you spend. Share your preferred shops with your friends, and when they shop, you will receive tokens and cash back from their purchases. Active sharers on Coinshare can earn more than they spend.

Get the transparency you deserve. Are you frustrated by companies changing prizes and rules whenever they want and with no advance notice? Fear no more! Coinshare runs on the blockchain. That means that in Coinshare, rules and transactions are fully transparent (and cannot be altered without consensus.)


Join Coinshare. Became a Sharer and earn more than you spend

Join the Beta


We are testing the app in 80 shops and with a few hundred Sharers. Join the Community now and be one of the founding Sharers. We reward for any bug found and a few new ideas.

Building shopping communities is our business

Coinshare is not just another nice idea on a piece of white paper – it’s the natural evolution of a successful business.

In the past years, we launched MyG21 (33,000 customers and €9.2M shared), a shopping community for e-commerce, and MyBest (IPO listed on the stock exchange Euronext, Paris), a shopping community for energy and telecom services.

Coinshare is the next step in our entrepreneurial life. We wanted to build a business bigger than MyG21, because it’s open to all the best shops worldwide, offline and online, and richer than MyBest, thanks to the transparency of the blockchain. This is how Coinshare was born.

Meet us - the founders - and the rest of the team and find out the latest news before anybody else.

Meet the Founders

How does CoinShare work?

Coinshare is a collaborative shopping platform.

Every time you buy, you get cash back in cryptocurrency for your purchase and also for any purchase made by the people who you have introduced.

The stores, both physical and online, have an interface to increase their customer base thanks to the Coinshare community. They also accumulate and earn from purchases made by their customers in the stores of the circuit.

When you join the Coinshare community, you became a Sharer, because you share your benefits among your friends – who you have introduced to Coinshare – and vice versa.

Sharers receive extra earnings every day thanks to an algorithm that rewards the most active participants.

So, you – the customer – are happy. The merchant is also happy, because it attracts more customers.

The blockchain provides maximum transparency to you, your friends and the merchant.

Is the blockchain new to you?

If you are not super experienced about the blockchain, you have probably heard many confusing things about this innovation.

Don’t worry. Coinshare is simple to use, like a normal app.

You don’t need to know how to use the blockchain to use Coinshare. However, thanks to the blockchain, you can get fully transparent reports about what’s going on.

Token Sale

Join the community in the Token Sale and get a special price

Core team

Luigi Maisto

CEO & Co-Founder

Entrepreneur and innovator with a broad investment portfolio, among which we may highlight MyBestGroup SpA, Easycloud ltd srl, and Microbees ltd. He founded MyG21 Ltd in 2014, the first sharing community and origin of the Coinshare project. As a whole, companies in his portfolio exceed € 35 million in revenue and employ over 1,500 people.

Daniele Viganò

CIO & Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur, motivator, international speaker who loves training and innovations, as is the Blockchain today. This is the formula that best sums up everything that Daniele Viganò has been doing for 30 years. In 2003 he founded Key21 together with a group of entrepreneurs / friends, a company that then became MyBest, which made history in the utility sector. The group has grown from a million of turnover to generate revenues of over 250 million euros with over 5 million active customers in the sector perhaps the most fashionable at the moment: the switching economy (as defined by Accenture). “All thanks to the team” is often repeated Daniel, who lives in Barcelona with his family and is considered by many a true “visionary” and an innovator in his field. It is no coincidence that its innovations on the comparator market today have been adopted by many competitors.

Valentino Del Giudice


Graduated in 2005 in Telecommunications Engineering at the "Federico II" University of Naples. After his studies, he worked for companies such as ACI Informatica and Accenture Technology Solutions. In 2008, he became IT Manager at Inova SPA, an innovative company open to new technologies. From 2014, he was CTO at myG21 LTD, with the mandate to develop a socio-economic model based on sharing and the sharing economy.

Valeria Savanelli

CCO (Chief Communication Officer)

Professional experience gained over 16 years as Head of Communication and Sales Account Manager. In 2009, he joined the Key21 group, taking care of production related to the realisation of company objectives, both through customer management and through sales strategies. Thanks to his field training and the permanent contact with business managers, alongside his strong desire to learn and acquire new skills, he is entrusted with increasingly challenging assignments including the development of new businesses like Beessmart and Microbees technology Ltd in 2015

Giuseppe dello Iacono

Senior Developer

Software developer with more than 10 years experience in application development at Inova, Edison, myG21, Beessmart. Poured at every stage of the development lifecycle, including design, development, debugging, testing and maintenance. He works for the development and optimization of applications in multilevel architecture, researching and applying innovative technological solutions to offer solutions in step with the times.

Patrizia Silvestri

Web Solution Architect

His experience developed gradually, starting in the academic world and moving on to production first and then to design, with practice also in the training field. For 18 years, he worked as a graphic designer, initially as a freelance professional and then collaborating with renowned companies such as Key21 spa, Watson, etc. From 2014, he is the Head of Graphic Design at myG21 Ltd. Expert in the creation of communication products as well as consolidated experience in Web Design, User Interface Design, Responsive Design, Branding, 3D model, video.

Lucrezia Lobuono

PR & Events Manager

Lucrezia began her professional career at Harrods, in sales, before moving on to support the Personal Shopping area. After a two-year experience in London, she started in the world of startups, supporting the development of Saileat, a company that provides personalized concierge services in Sardinia. She is Co-founder of Limitless Mentoring, a digital platform for online coaching and in 2018 she went on board in CharityStars and AidCoin, companies that have great social impact and use blockchain technology in the non-profit world. In Coinshare she manages the Public Relations and Events and she is responsible for the training activities of The Blockchain Academy.

Giulia Brusco

Business Developer

Business Developer and Blockchain Academy Director of Rocket 21Ltd, an international leading company in the field of training, consulting and events on Blockchain, ICO and crypto technology. Designer and producer of Crypto Jewelry collection, considered one of the international experts since 2013, international speaker of numerous events, university seminars and business courses on ICO.

Michele Ficara Manganelli

Corporate Communication Manager

Inextricably, Geek, Life Hacker and healthy Bitcoin bearer is considered to be among the leading Italian and Swiss Evangelists in the Fintech & Cryptovalute sector, holding lectures at major universities and Keynote in major industry conferences and seminars, he also participated as a television host on numerous talk shows on the national networks as an expert on issues related to the evolution of the digital ecosystem. He is CEO and Founder of Novaretis, a Swiss company based in Lugano, specialized in strategic consulting for the creation of ICO - Initial Coin Offering, and in the active creation of winning models of Tokenomics - Token Economics. He is a Member of the Board of the European Association (Inatba member) Italia4 Blocklock with delegation for the development of relations in Switzerland with the Blockchain world associations. He was the Founder & Advisor of several successful Swiss ICOs working primarily as Token Economist specializing in the creation of new sustainable models of Tokenomics. For over 15 years Editorial Director of historical Digital Editorial Testata founded in 2004 among the most followed in Italy on the emerging issues of the Internet, with a particular focus on cryptocurrencies and on digital life in general. In April 2010, he designed and sold the business unit of the Communication and Marketing Hub from the European publishing multinational Reed Business Elsevier to TVN MediaGroup, then holding the position of Editorial Director of the Group with oversight for the re-launch of the historical paper publications Advertising Italy and ADV Advertiser as well as for the expansion of the Advertising Grand Prix, the reference event for the world of Italian communication held every year in May at the National Theater of Milan. Always a pioneer in the evolution of digital media, in the year 2000 it was defined by Prima Comunicazione "the Italian infomediario" for the conception of Immediapress, the first Italian digital printing agency then sold to the Adnkronos Group. #senzatimore has always been its hashtag and identifies the desire to innovate without ever stopping and never being afraid.

Alberto Ferlin


Registered in the register of Chartered Accountants and auditors after having carried out a process of professional growth in other structures, in 2007 he founded the boutique Ferlin Tiozzo & amp Associati specialized in offering tax advice, corporate and financial advisory services. He has developed both in Italy and abroad important experiences in M & A operations, extraordinary finance and corporate finance. He is a member of the international fiscal association (IFA). Advisor for investment strategies has collaborated on the launch of some speculative investment funds.

Vittorio Cozzoni

National Sales Director CoinShop

Entrepreneur with a strong inclination to invest in projects with a high rate of technological innovation. Founder in 1997, even before Google was born, of the web project - software brand and technologies that, to date, have over 160,000 registered companies. Responsible for the creation and development of commercial networks for several major groups, both listed and unlisted, for the distribution of products and services such as Banco Posta, online current accounts for Banco Popolare di Milano, Smart cars, Infostrada, POS for mobile Totobit top-ups, products for energy savings, Quigroup canteen ticket etc. Over two million products and services distributed and commercial networks in Italy and Europe of over 30,000 people. CoinShare Sales Director and national Coinshop circuit manager. Always passionate about training and personal development, in particular, communication, NLP and persuasion and sales techniques, Blockchain.

Angelica Finatti

Chief Operating Officer


Federico Pacilli


BSc in "Bank and Financial Markets”, UX designer and frontend dev. Co-founded a venture-capital-backed company. Lecturer at the LUISS University teaching UX Design in the pre-acceleration ‘Lean Start-up’ programme. Cryptocurrency and ICO expert.

Davide Baldi


Serial entrepreneur, expert in creating commercial networks, owner of businesses across a range of sectors including management consultancy, Blockchain projects and real estate development. Supplies strategies geared at growing Italian and overseas business, with a view of helping businesses go international.

Stefano Tresca


Fintech and digital transformation expert. A serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and tech investor. Founding member of Level39, the largest tech accelerator in Europe for Fintech and future cities. Founder of StartupHome, a co-living community for entrepreneurs.

Chloe Ao Li

External Partners

Chloe Ao Li comes from a strong quantitative background and lives her passion for logic driven decisions and investments every day at BXB Exchange as the CMO. With an MBA from CEIBS as well as a dual degree in mathematics and economics, Chloe has spearheaded key projects at corporate giants such as Michelin, Nissan, and Dongfeng and accrued management experience across a range of industries including investments, fitness, automotives, consulting, manufacturing, and event management. At BXB Exchange, Chloe single handedly oversaw the market testing process of the Exchange as well as the formation of BXB's customer service team, the creation of BXB's marketing and sales offices as well as the overall market direction for BXB.

Kwun Phite Lock

External Partners

Kwun Phite Lock has been working on large scale financial projects for as long as he can remember. Born into the Consunji family, the founders of one of the top 150 corporations in the world, Kwun remembers touring power plants, and construction sites together with his grandfather (then secretary of public works, communications) as a child. Inspired to create things of real value for real people from a young age, Kwun used his background to become a successful trader and analyst while at Russell Investments. Well-versed in managing multi-national project teams, trading and investment, Kwun decided to found BXB Exchange. His aim with BXB Exchange is to level the playing field between individual retail investors and professional investors. BXB offers innovative and unique products that allow the average person access to the same powerful tools and technology that professional traders pay a high premium to utilize and increase their already vast holdings. Kwun believes that by giving all people, regardless of their financial backgrounds, equal opportunity to profit in the crypto-financial space, blockchain and cryptocurrency can also see global growth and adoption.